Port of Køge


The Port of Køge is one of Denmark’s oldest ports. It used to lie further inland in the past, but there have been maritime activities in Køge for thousands of years. The current port in Køge is an active and dynamic port, with lots of traffic and further growth expected in the future.

Over the next few years, approx. DKK 950 million will be invested to expand the port, adding 1,200 extra metres of wharf area and 40 hectares of land. This will make Port of Køge an even stronger working partner for local companies and the large surrounding area serviced by the port and the companies based there.


Port of Køge has been modernised over the last few years, and is equipped today with ultra modern facilities for dry and wet loading, bulk goods, and tankers, and other types of shipping. The port is well supported by experienced suppliers and good equipment.


T: + 45 56 64 62 60 F: +45 56 63 74 00 Baltic Kaj 1 DK-4600 Køge (STC)